Songs of My Soul.

My first poetry collection.  A good name for a website, as for me, all writing is from the soul. I decided to hit the keyboards to try to figure things out. My skull couldn’t contain all of the words in it,  they tumbled out.  I fell in love. Songs of My Soul came into being.

Cover design artwork by Suzy Rowland (nee Rigg).

Everyone who reads it takes something different and personal from it. When I came to decide which poems to include – I have a big body of work –  I found it made sense to ‘cluster’ them, which is why are are three headings in the book: Discovery, Holy Fire and Resurrection.

Discovery is filled with introspective poems that ask the big questions about life and our role in it. Holy Fire, explores those periods of great heat and intensity in life, when it’s all passion, sexual longing, betrayal, anxiety. The times when life holds you in a strangle-hold grip and carries you along kicking and screaming, which is both life-affirming and terrifying. Resurrection, the final section, contains poems about our strange and miraculous ability as human beings to overcome all kinds of sh*t, emerging triumphantly, if a little bruised, with the smile of survival on our lips.

Resurrection, the final section of this densely packed collection, which contains more than sixty poems, is infused with the honesty, hope and tenderness I still see in the world. A deliberate echo of the Christ story, these poems examine our emotions around grief, loss and acceptance of life’s constant renewal.

I believe our shared human experiences are more alike than they are different, even if we do inhabit different cities, speak in different languages and eat different foods.

“If you prick us, do we not bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?”- Merchant of Venice, (Act III, scene I).”

My wish is that the qualities of universality make reading Songs of My Soul  enjoyable for everyone. I invite you to contemplate the key elements of your life in poetry form!

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© Suzy Rowland