About Songs of My Soul

Songs of My Soul is my first poetry collection. I wrote the poems over a period of four years at a very dramatic time in my life: new love, loss and a shifting perception of who I was. A spiritual awakening. I see Songs of My Soul as a universal piece, with verses that everyone can relate to.

An only child, un enfant unique, I’m one of life’s observers who found myself able to write poems during a period of great introspection. I believe we all share a similar human experience, even if we do in vastly different physical bodies.

This is a densely packed anthology with more than sixty poems infused with the honesty, hope and tenderness I still see in the world.

Songs of My Soul cupcakes

If you want to dip into a poem you feel weary, angry at life, blissfully in love, or at peace with the world, Songs of My Soul is for you! You can order a paperback copy here

On launch night – the star takes a break

There are three sections to delve into: Discovery, Holy Fire and Resurrection. I will write more about the theme of each section in another blog post. It’s the commonality of the themes in Songs of My Soul that binds it together. I invite you to contemplate the key elements of your life in poet form!

Songs of My Soul poetry by Suzy Rowland-Rigg

Finally, Songs of My Soul is a love story; a gift of love from me to you. I challenged myself to create an illustration as the artwork for the book’s cover: the sunrise, of bold orche tones you hold in your hand has become the visual signature for Songs of My Soul: I call it ‘Daybreak.’

Order a paperback copy of Songs of My Soul today! It holds within wisdom and magic of a true soul poet. Click on ‘basket’ to place your order.

…a rollercoaster of spiritual words…

Songs of My Soul  paperback is a beautiful book of poetry with an uplifting, soul-enhancing yellow and orange-hued cover.

© Suzy Rowland