Thanks for swinging by.  My son was diagnosed with Asperger’s and ADHD aged nine. After years of unsatisfactory experiences with schools, I founded the #happyinschool project in 2018, as a vehicle to  share informal, training and empowerment workshops for autistic and ADHD families, professionals and educators.

I work with schools, local authorities, providing psycho-education around mental well-being and understanding around the challenges children and young people with neurodiversity face, in accessing quality education. I have researched and written hundreds of programmes addressing these issues and amassed considerable anonymous insight from families and professionals along the way.

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I believe that with a bit of creativity, parents, educators and children can pool their experiences to  devise radical education reform for future generations by developing radical new systems to educate and supporting children and young people with autism and ADHD. The mental well-being of future generations depends on this change. I’m particularly interested in boys of black Caribbean heritage, with special educational needs, as statistically they’re the group most likely to be excluded from primary and mainstream secondary schools. I’m passionate about helping others addressing the issues I faced as a mother.

I starting my writing career at Transworld Publishers, stimulating her love of books and publishing. After working in a variety of creative and management roles in PR and corporate communications, I started a freelance copywriting business, under the banner of everywordcopywriting.  Returning to my love and to attune to the loss of my mother and my son’s autism diagnosis, I wrote and published my first poetry collection, Songs of My Soul in 2017, to wide acclaim. I also painted the cover art, and worked directly with the designer and printer to deliver 200 copies of the book, which quickly sold out, after my appearances at poetry readings and events. Songs of My Soul is currently stocked in three London bookshops,  with paperback copies available online