Asperger’s [POEM]

Relentless pursuit of one goal

One, goal. Pure focus

‘what? we can’t cross the river here

let’s build a bridge or a tunnel

there must be a way!”

An unbending line

from here to my destination

details to be written, recorded

stored on plates, words, dates

please don’t distract me

with daily life

I’ve a job to do

stories to be consumed

by everyone I never knew

and you.

Burano, Italy

 I cannot stop, not no, cannot,

until the desire of my brain,

is sated, released of its many thoughts about

one thing, many things that are, the same thing

calmer then, until my eye

catches a new target:

‘Go, go go!’

there is no other way.

on task ~ alone, preferably, in mindful oneness ~ a blank sheet of paper awaits words ~ only I can write.

© Suzy Rowland

My personal expression and experience of Asperger’s Syndrome. A deluge of detail and decisions to make taking me away from what I really want to do. Everything else is a distraction.

Do you have experience of Asperger’s? How would you describe it? How does it impact your life?

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