T-h-e C-o-m-m-u-t-e

The stench of frustration hangs in the air

The look of exhaustion abundantly clear

The taste of coffee on everyone’s lips

The buttery croissants clinging to hips

The touch of a stranger’s bag or case

The jolt of an armpit right in your face

The crinkle of newspapers rustling ‘round

The clicking of keyboards oppressively loud

The nasal announcements drone overhead

The tasks of the day polluting your head

The stress of the day is clenching your jaw

The pressurised headache makes tired eyes sore

The scramble to find something healthy to eat

The urge to drink vodka shots chased or neat

The need to do anything to keep you from screaming

The realization you’re awake and not dreaming

The shock that you’re forty-one, no, forty-two

The life you envisaged, escaping from view

The need to do something ‘real’ with your life

The desire for something that means you’re alive

The dreams and ambitions you had as a child

The confidence possessed now seems quite wild

The vision and focus you manage for others

The goals for yourself are what really matters

The time is right now as we don’t live forever

The saying goes; it’s either now or not ever

The need is so real to break out of the rut”

The station is approaching: I’ve reached my stop!”

© Suzy Rowland Rigg

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Conway Hall – a lively Poetry Book Fair

A short video in between me rushing around the stalls at the Poetry Book Fair..click the link below…

Half-time at Conway Hall

What a better way than to spend a Saturday afternoon in the centre of London on a bright, chilly Autumn day, in the company of poets and more books than you can read on a wet afternoon in November. Welcome to ‘Free Verse’ the Poetry Book Fair. I hadn’t visited this event before and found it very well run and stimulating. I particularly enjoyed the live mash-up session with Michael Horovitz, Vanessa Vie and crew. I left feeling energised, and buzzing with ideas about how to improve my own performance and written poetry!


You, the rose

Songs of my Soul – Suzy Rigg

Excited heart and mind racing
full of ideas, vigour, drive
realising something brilliant
takes you into another realm of discovery
the postcard in a shop window speaks to you
a conversation overheard pulls you in
you interrupt knowing it’s rude,
but can’t stop yourself!
Events are overtaking you
doors of opportunity fly open
you’re moving through life with confidence,
not knowing how this happened
but it’s happening anyway
say hello to YOU, in your fullest bloom.

The Yummy Life

Songs of My Soul
The Yummy Life, Songs of My Soul

What is life all about? Joy! Yes Joy life is as fragile as a butterfly wing, easily crumbled, beautiful, simply
dove blue, striking red admiral bold! Be quick, oh, you missed it, it's gone!

I came when you called me
but too late, blown away with the clouds,
smashed into millions of pieces
like star's dust..
beautiful fragile life,
smile at it, smile with it,
Enjoy life, like the tastiest food imaginable...
Share rich indulgent thoughts, pungent ideas and tasty heart experiences for
this is your life, "I eat for nutrition, not for taste, she said!"
At 92, with a spirit, strong as a diamond
she knew how to live and how to love,
she wasn't thinking about endings,
she raced towards beginnings of things,
the egg-timer of life struggled to keep up.
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Kind words that keep a writer writing

I had the delight to read the following words on Instagram recently by a warm and talented entrepreneur, and Founder of My Ebony Box Jenaitre Farquharson:

'We believe very strongly in supporting phenomenal women and the work that they do, we have chosen to support and acknowledge the work of poetess and writer, Suzy Rigg. After meeting the wonderful Suzy, early this year, we were charmed by her warm spirit and striking energy. We were really excited to hear about the release of her brand new book, Songs of My Soul. The beautiful poetess and writer sent us a copy of her brand new book to review and we really enjoyed taking a moment out to appreciate the exciting and raw work by Suzy, we felt a deep connection while reading Songs of My Soul and what we loved about reading this book was that we felt her poetry took us on a journey of life, we felt her passion while she kept stimulating our minds, page after page. She covers many diverse areas of the shared human experiences from falling in love, womanhood, motherhood, ageing and heartache. Our favourite poem in the book is called Maya, and inspired by our phenomenal woman Maya Angelou.

I'm still stunned, it feels like reading about another person. I am truly humbled to have created deep feeling in another human being - all I can hope for is that everyone who reads Songs of My Soul, closes the book feeling hopeful, positive and connected. The winding road of life is something we all tread together.


In Celebration of My Sisters

Inspirational women, spiritual, earthy & honest

Iyanla Vanzant has been a spiritual writer and inspiration for me for the longest time. I've have well-thumbed copies of Acts of Faith and Faith in the Valley that have been great to dip into when relationships are going sour or it's been difficult to see any light in a dim period of life, So, when the opportunity came to listen to her speak in London, I jumped at the chance; it was a sweltering summer Saturday night in the heart of Camberwell, South London and the black female community was out in force and looking fine! Brenda Emmanus was resplendent as the event's host, sporting a fifties style gold coloured tea-dress, perfect for this glamorous and uplifting occasion!

She spoke eloquently and passionately about the whole range of issues: relationships, healing, self-esteem, self-belief with self-detracting humour.  Iyana he also talked about her career and specifically her writing. She talked about how her words were delivered to her, and her job was to 'download' them - that resonated with me as I had written a few words about the same phenomenon in my first anthology 'Songs of My Soul' it's called 'Bloody Prose'

BLOODY PROSE by Suzy Rigg from Songs of My Soul

"From somewhere in outer space

Hurtling towards my inner core

These words ignite their sleepy mistress

Usually at the tipping point of consciousness

Unable to ignore  their urgent knocking

I awake, drowsy yet aroused with words

Entering my head, uninvited

deftly downloading

onto the paper through my physical being,

like a nose bleed.

Unable to ignore their insistent knocking

I write automatically

until the download is complete.


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Maya Angelou

I wrote this, as a tribute to one of the most influential black women writers in recent history, and one of my favourite poets – Maya Angelou. I’ve recorded an audio clip of me reading the poem for your additional enjoyment! ad it. Maya is on page 20 of ‘Songs of My Soul’ – let me know what you think!

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Where does a writer get inspiration?

where does inspiration come from?

Lots of writers will tell you that they are inspired by anything and everything. I think inspiration can be put into two categories: the external world and your world within. Poets and writers usually fall into one camp, but some like myself like to hop between the two themes sometimes merging the two, usually to help them make sense of the external world in our own lives. Or conversely to figure out aspects of our psyche and personality that impact our daily lives and those around us.

‘Songs’ falls mainly into the 'world within' category – the clue’s in the title! Whether you believe in the soul or not, writing about issues that are close to your heart and soul certainly makes for some interesting introspection. Common idioms are 'they spoke from the soul' the 'life and soul' of the party or ‘soul-searching’. It's no accident that this word is used to describe our deepest feelings, almost describing the essence of who we are. Soul may mean a different thing to me and you, but we know what we mean when we talk about the soul.

If you’re a person who is in touch with their soul, you will love many of the poems in ‘Songs', if you have cut yourself off from some of the more difficult emotional areas in your life, ‘Songs of My Soul’ may precipitate a small and positive spiritual awakening in you. Either way, do let me know what you think.