Poet Suzy Rowland, returns to her ‘Brum’ roots [PRESS RELEASE]

Songs of my Soul is the debut poetry collection by British writer and poet Suzy Rowland Rigg. She will be sharing gems from her debut collection at Khembe’s Return to your Roots Festival on 5th & 6th May, in Birmingham.


“It means such a lot to be sharing my poetry at Return to your Roots, I was born in Handsworth and grew up in Birmingham, leaving at 18 to go to Reading University before settling in London.  I am literally returning to my roots. My links with the city are still strong, so its fitting to share my poetry at such an empowering event. People will be able to purchase signed copies of the book too, which is exciting. Downloads are cool but I believe books, especially poetry, are more personal!”

Songs of my Soul was published in 2017, since then Suzy has built a following in SW London, as a member of Poetry Performance and Arts Richmond’s Poetry Hub. In April, copies of Songs of My Soul went on sale at London’s  Black Cultural Archives. Suzy describes her work as ‘the poetry of everything’ as she closely observes elements of the human condition with devastating wit, passion and humour. It’s an intoxicating mix, that breathtakingly showcases Suzy’s ancestral Jamaican and classical British heritage.

Notes to Editors:

  1. Listen to Suzy read: Maya from Songs of My Soul: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmj8YM3-BYg
  2. Listen to Suzy read ‘Zong’, written for Black History Month 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ2JPCxfnVkIf you would like to interview Suzy or feature any of her poems in your publication or blog please get in touch via the contact form, or the following social platforms.
  3. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/suzysongsofmysoul/?hl=en
  4. Twitter: https://twitter.com/radiantlady

Melanin Mind & Soul Reviews


Poetry Performance
Songs of My Soul author reads her new poem: It’s dark outside

It’s always lovely to be featured on another platform. I will be treading a different stage next month, performing at Khembe’s Return to Your Roots event in Birmingham. Khembe is a hardworking, inspirational and hugely talented lady. The tenacity and passion with which she’s built the Return to Your Roots brand is a masterclass in entrepreneurship.

Blogger Melanin Mind & Soul has penned this piece about my poetry book and my forthcoming performance at Khembe’s Return to Your Roots Festival in Birmingham. http://www.melaninmindsoul.com/songs-of-my-soul-suzy-rigg/

My usual ‘stage’ is upstairs once a month in a pub in SW London. Every week is different – the performers, the energy levels, the audience. Some weeks are emotional, such as last week, when one of the poets read a piece dedicated to the brother he’d lost four years ago to a brain tumour. We got lost in his words, until he began to laugh. A nervous giggle, accompanied by vigorous face-scratching. He was overcome with emotion and unable to carry on reading. Collectively we all wanted to rush up and carry on reading for him, but were rooted to our seats as strong feelings of grief seemed to take over all of us. That’s the power of poetry.

It would be great to meet some poetry fans in Birmingham, do try and get to Return to Your Roots, not just ‘cos I’m gonna be there but because you will leave feeling nourished, inspired, connected and at peace with yourself and who you are – whoever you are!

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